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Natural alternatives abound and, although pharmaceuticals may be necessary for certain situations, you will not see them in my medicine cabinet.

functional medicine medicine cabinet, natural alternatives
Dr. Sellers' medicine cabinet

You guys are not going to believe this but trust me when I say “I broke my back last year in five places and never took a single pain pill!” How did I do it you ask? Naturally!

Natural alternatives abound and, although pharmaceuticals may be necessary for certain situations, you will not see them in my medicine cabinet. Do you hear all the side effects on those commercials or see them listed on the bottles? There are too many natural alternatives to try first. With a little information about which natural alternatives to utilize, you can benefit from healing support without all the side effects!

Considering the high cost of healthcare bills, and the side effects of conventional medications, adding natural alternatives to your medicine cabinet can make a world of difference.

The benefits of natural ingredients are numerous, and their uses range from aromatherapy, household cleaning products, personal beauty care and natural medicine treatments.

This list is for you if you would like to get started with some replacements:

1. White Willow Bark instead of ibuprofen, acetaminophen or aspirin

2. Tea tree essential oil instead of Neosporin

3. Olive leaf extract instead of antivirals

4. Oil of oregano instead of antibiotics

5. Ginger or peppermint essential oil for nausea

6. Eucalyptus essential oil for nasal congestion

7. Digestive enzymes instead of heartburn medications

8. Kelp and calcium supplement and chamomile tea instead of sleep medications

9. Aloe Vera or Standard Process USF cream for burns

10. Citronella or copaiba essential oil for bug bite relief

This list is by no means exhaustive but provides an idea of how easy it can be to begin incorporating or switching to a less toxic product in your medicine cabinet. Since we keep these natural supplements, oils, and creams in our medicine cabinet, we rarely ever get sick or have to go to the hospital.

Live Your Best Life!

Dr. Tracey Sellers


• This blog post is not an attempt at treatment but to let you know what I do according to my knowledge and experience. Please contact us for specific advice for your, individual, condition and seek attention from your primary care physician or the emergency room when necessary.

• You will see in the picture included that the essential oils in my medicine cabinet are from Young Living and this does not mean that other essential oils do not work. Other brands work. I have tried many brands and have noticed that, for my needs, the Young Living brand, in my opinion, seems to be the most potent and outperform the others.

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Your blood biomarkers provide an incredible amount of information on how well your body is functioning. Don't overlook this important test - you can't afford not to know.

Your blood biomarkers are characteristics of your blood that are measured with a blood test. For example, your blood pressure is a biomarker. Blood biomarkers can tell you how well your body is functioning. Like an engine light in your dashboard, your biomarkers can signal danger and costly repairs ahead such as a smoldering fire burning inside your body (inflammation), or maybe alert you that your body is fighting a hidden internal infection that is depleting precious resources. Or, perhaps you could have a vitamin D deficiency that may be the precursor to a bone fracture. Your blood biomarkers provide a look "under the hood," so much so that many life insurance companies won't insure you until they review your blood biomarkers.

We're often advised to check our credit score for signs of trouble on a quarterly basis, but how often do we check the status of our health? Perhaps you know someone who thinks, "I'm breathing, and I can walk, so everything must be ok." Yes, everything is ok – until it isn't.

Rest assured that one of the first things the emergency room doctor will do is order a blood test, but at that point, all the money in the world won't necessarily buy back your good health. And what do you have if you don't have your health? Your savings account and 401k will be the least of your worries if your health is failing.

"Bottom line: Blood test results are your health resume; they offer snapshots of your health at the molecular level; they identify disease existing in your body; they provide a spectacular early warning system to identify illnesses such as diabetes and coronary artery disease decades before symptoms manifest.

Sure, convention says, let's wait, come back in six months, we'll watch it. Watch it? Watch it go from bad to worse? Why wait? Own your health destiny; change your health trajectory.”

At Dr. Sellers Functional Medicine we interpret your blood biomarkers to give you a thorough understanding and education about your current health status. We can alert you to any issues that need your attention and address them in the least invasive and least expensive means necessary before things escalate and require drugs or surgery. We carefully consider your family history, lifestyle, environmental factors, stress levels, and nutrition as we interpret your biomarkers. Your genetic makeup is unique and so are your biomarkers. New studies in the science of epigenetics are now revealing that environment, inadequate nutrition, stress, and poor lifestyle choices produce detrimental chemical modifications in DNA and histones that regulate gene expression. Since diseases can be turned on and off by triggers to your DNA, it is essential to know what's going on inside your body. You shouldn't rely solely on how you feel as the only indicator of your actual health status.

Comparing your blood test results to the "average population" is not the benchmark you want to set for your health. We look to see if each biomarker not only lies within wide "normal," but also the "optimal" ranges of healthy people. One size does NOT fit all, and we strive to provide the highest quality individualized care for all our patients. Dr. Sellers orders blood biomarker tests and interprets them allowing you to see your true health status. We work with a network of labs across the country to make testing convenient for you, wherever you live.

Health issues that can be revealed through biomarkers are listed below. The list is not exhaustive but provides an example of what we can learn about your health status through your blood biomarkers.

1. Do you have any yeast, viral, bacterial, or parasite overgrowth in your intestines?

2. Is your liver sluggish causing toxic overload that is poisoning you?

3. Are your lungs properly eliminating excess waste produced from your natural metabolic processes?

4. Do you have mitochondrial dysfunction causing inefficient burning of fat for energy?

5. Is your hormone and neurotransmitter communication being interrupted, causing mood disorders, fatigue, or brain fog?

6. Are you at risk of developing diabetes or cardiovascular disease?

7. Do you have any sensitivities or intolerances to gluten or dairy?

8. Are you deficient in any vitamins and minerals?

9. Do you have anemia?

10. Are you dehydrated?

Yes, we really can address each of these items and more from your blood biomarkers. Getting a blood test each year is the most effective way to track your health from year-to-year and make informed decisions about your health status that can prevent costly disease.

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"The best way for you to eat is the way that is best for your genetics, lifestyle and optimal health."

With Paleo, Vegan, Keto and all the different ways to eat, one of the most common questions I get is "which is the best way to eat?"

My answer is always the same: "The best way for you to eat is the way that is best for your genetics, lifestyle and optimal health." No two people are alike, so no one should feel like they have to fit into one plan.

Based on all the blood tests I've seen over the years, it usually becomes a combination of a couple of researched eating trends.

If you would like to find out what your body needs and doesn't need specifically, we can order a simple blood test to see if you: lack good fats, are getting enough protein, are overeating sugar, are not getting enough vitamins and nutrients, have optimum brain, liver, heart function and much more. Another vital piece of information blood tests allow us to see is how well your body is digesting the food you are spending money on, then spending time cooking and eating. Are you just throwing your money away or is your body absorbing all the healthy foods and getting rid of toxins?

With all that said, I would like to provide you with some basics that fit most of the needs that I see in blood tests regularly. It is a well-balanced diet! I know I must be sounding like your grandma when I say that, but it is true! I wrote this simple plan based on all my years of study, experience, and looking at blood and urine tests. And believe it or not, this is precisely the way that we have been eating around here for 12 years, and we have never felt better!

Food Recommendations:

Limit Grains of any kind to include the following:

Limit Bread, Crackers, Oatmeal, Chips, Corn, Tortillas, and Rice.


Start eating Good Fat, Fiber and Protein in balanced amounts for every meal and snack, like this:

Breakfast: Fat, Fiber, Protein

Lunch: Fat, Fiber, Protein

Dinner: Fat, Fiber, Protein

Snack: Fat, Fiber, Protein


Good Fats: Hummus, Nuts, Seeds, Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, Avocados, and Grass Fed Butter (no margarine or canola oil).

Fiber: Fruit (in limited amounts due to high sugar content), Beans, Nuts, Seeds, Avocado, and any vegetable that you will eat from the produce or frozen section. Limit canned veggies due to low nutrient content - fresh or frozen is best.

Protein: Beans, Nuts, Seeds, Organic Turkey, Organic Chicken, Grass Fed Beef, Wild Caught Fish (fresh or in a can) and Organic Eggs.

Love chocolate like I do? Try to stay with bittersweet chocolate (dark chocolate). Also check out some of the healthy and delicious desert recipes from our social media pages.

Live Your Best Life!

Dr. Sellers

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