Let's talk water! 🌊

No, not ocean water, the water you drink for your best health. Drinking water is the #1 easiest thing you can do to improve your health immediately, and it's free! 😁 Did you know there is a specific amount of water that you should consume based on your individual need? Did you know that there is a good time to drink water and a time when drinking water is harmful to your health? Because water is so vitally important for optimal health, it is worth taking a minute to make sur

Blood Biomarkers - Take a Peek Under Your Hood

Your blood biomarkers provide an incredible amount of information on how well your body is functioning. Don't overlook this important test - you can't afford not to know. Your blood biomarkers are characteristics of your blood that are measured with a blood test. For example, your blood pressure is a biomarker. Blood biomarkers can tell you how well your body is functioning. Like an engine light in your dashboard, your biomarkers can signal danger and costly repairs ahead suc