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  • 1.) What are your rates?
    During your initial session with Dr. Sellers, she will cover everything with you, from an extensive health background to the latest in lab testing and nutrition research. You will have access to your very own healthcare investigator and will most likely come out of this first appointment with a new hope that better health is just around the corner. Dr. Sellers delivers a comprehensive approach to complex health issues; therefore, the cost of discovering the root causes can vary for each person. Below, you will find an overview of fees associated with your first visit and an explanation of the importance of lab tests and supplements. We will work with you to estimate your individual costs and prioritize fees to fit your budgetary needs. Free Consultation: Talk with us for a FREE 15-minute consultation to get to know us and discover how we can help you. We'll call you during the time slot you select on our calendar. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 30 Minute Consultation: Expect to spend up to 30 minutes with Dr. Sellers during this appointment where she will review either your health history (initial consult.) or lab results as well as provide her interpretation, report, and recommendations. $149.00 (30 minutes) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow-up Consultation: Expect to spend up to 20 minutes with Dr. Sellers for follow up care and recommendations. $99.00 (20 minutes) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Laboratory Testing We offer cutting edge medical lab services in or near your hometown. Some of our tests can be performed in the comfort of your own home with the help of a mobile nurse to draw blood. Other test kits arrive by mail with a step-by-step guide to assist you. Costs may vary based on Dr. Sellers' recommendations. Your fee for lab tests ordered during the first appointment can range and will depend on the complexity of the condition. We will work within your budget to help you prioritize testing. The list of lab work available below is not an exhaustive compilation but merely an idea of the tests used most frequently. CBC (complete blood count) or any other necessary bloodwork Brain Chemistry /Neurotransmitters /Adrenal Hormone Profile Organic Acids Toxic Organic Chemical Profile Female/Male Hormone Profile Food Sensitivity Testing Comprehensive Stool Analysis Supplement Cost Many of today's foods and hurried lifestyles don't provide adequate amounts of nutrients and minerals. Very often, we all need a little help to maintain the best possible balance. Dr. Sellers will recommend supplements based upon your lab tests results and deficiencies. If you have budgetary constraints, we will work together with you to prioritize the most important supplements to add.
  • 2.) What is your missed appointment and cancellation policy?
    To be eligible for a refund, you must cancel your appointment a minimum of 48 hours prior to your appointment time. The reason you will not receive a refund after the 48 hours prior to your appointment time is because Dr. Sellers will have already spent much time going through your history, intake forms, tests results, and prepared your care plan.
  • 3.) Is Dr. Sellers accepting new patients?
    Yes, Dr. Sellers is currently accepting new patients.
  • 4.) Do you accept insurance?
    We do not accept insurance or Medicare because then the insurance company would have a say in your care. We believe the doctor knows best what care you need, rather than the insurance company. We strive to give our patients the best care possible, and so for this reason, we don't accept insurance. We can provide a detailed receipt for services performed for you to submit to your insurance carrier directly.
  • 5.) How do I contact Dr. Sellers?
    Simply call or email our office, and our patient care manager will work with you to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sellers. 704-594-4744,
  • 6.) How will I receive my test results?
    Test results will be reviewed at your next scheduled appointment. Please note that some specialized tests can take up to 4 weeks to arrive.
  • 7.) Will you call to confirm my appointment?
    We will send you an email and texts reminders.
  • 8.) Which laboratory and supplement companies do you work with?
    After many years of experience and extensive research, Dr. Sellers Functional Medicine works with companies of the industry's highest standards. The FDA regulates these companies, and they deliver some of the best quality testing and pharmaceutical-grade supplementation available only through healthcare providers.

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