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Let's talk water! 🌊

Dr. Tracey & Ryan Sellers

No, not ocean water, the water you drink for your best health.

Drinking water is the #1 easiest thing you can do to improve your health immediately, and it's free! 😁

Did you know there is a specific amount of water that you should consume based on your individual need? Did you know that there is a good time to drink water and a time when drinking water is harmful to your health? Because water is so vitally important for optimal health, it is worth taking a minute to make sure you are ingesting enough and at the right times.

Here is the simple breakdown that will have a significant impact on your overall health.

1. Drink a minimum of ½ your body weight in ounces of filtered water. If you consume caffeine

or any other diuretic like alcohol, then you should drink even more water.

2. Use stainless steel or glass containers.

Avoid plastic bottles because plastic is extremely toxic when consumed. Plastic leaches into liquids when they are warmed, and you never know what hot warehouse your container was in before reaching the store. Recent research is finding that plastic is being stored in our fat cells, which is extremely toxic and can make it very difficult to lose weight.

3. Drink water/liquids away from meals (15 minutes before or 1-2 hours after). This is extremely important for your overall health since liquid dilutes your stomach acid. Stomach acid breaks down your food but cannot do its job if you are diluting it with liquid. When stomach acid is diluted, your digestive system will not function optimally, and this can cause chronic diseases and multiple inflammatory bowel disorders from constipation to autoimmune disease. ☹️

4. Of course, water should be filtered to avoid unwanted toxins like chlorine, fluoride, and many other contaminants that cause chronic disease.

Let's drink to excellent health!💦

Dr. Sellers

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